Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Is Here ... Head for the Parks!

Spring break and Easter are right around the corner, so you know what that means in Central Texas: It’s time to head for the parks to camp, fish, or just take a long day to play in the warming weather.

The busiest weekends of the 2010 recreation season are upon us as outdoor lovers by the thousands pull out their stored-away camping equipment to give it a check and uncover the boat to make sure it still runs and is safe.

Then they head for outside adventures, including flocking to LCRA’s parks and recreation areas that are located from the Highland Lakes down the Colorado River to Matagorda Bay. Because of the drought-breaking rains, the Highland Lakes are full and offer plenty of water for recreation of all types.

You'll notice some trees are starting to bud, and the prime wildflower season is just around the corner thanks to all that great rain last fall. This is also a good time to watch birds migrating north, such as hummingbirds, robins, and purple martins.

If the weather is right, early spring can provide some of the best tent camping of the year. RV camping is good even if it’s raining and chilly, because you can be snug in your camper anywhere.

Word to the wise: Campgrounds and particularly cabins and RV spots get reserved early. In fact, reservations can be made 333 days out. For instance, some reservations were made last fall for Memorial Day.

So the sooner you call the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Reservation Center at (512) 389-8900, the better chance you have to get the spot you want ... when you want it.

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