Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wildlife Scavenger Hunt: A Fun Spring Break Activity

There are many different activities to enjoy on a Spring Break trip with the family - especially while outdoors. Hiking is probably one of the most popular. Here's one idea to make your hikes more interesting and enjoyable.

Kids not only love to learn and explore - scavenger hunts will also help improve your child's observation skills and increase their interest in and understanding of our environment.

Be sure to set some basic rules before starting the hunt:
  • Set the boundaries.
  • Stay close by, and supervise your children.
  • Hunt with a buddy.
  • Be sure to leave nature as is, and don't destroy the natural surroundings.
  • Pick up trash as you search.
Click here to download a copy of this fun nature scavenger hunt the whole family can enjoy.

LCRA's parks and recreation areas are great places to explore the great outdoors.  There's probably one close enough for a nearby getaway.

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